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Surbiton Golf Day 2023

On Tuesday 11th April 2023, Sport Parkinson's held its first ever Parkinson's Golf Academy Event at Surbiton Golf Club in Surrey.

The session was attended by people with Parkinson's with varying degrees of gold experience, symptoms severity and golfing ability! Peter Roberts, Head Professional at Surbiton Golf Club, held an introductory meeting in the clubhouse to establish what people wanted to get out of the session.

Open Golf clinics were held for an hour, followed by lunch and a talk by Linda Segerstam, a specialist in golf Pilates.

Following that came a short game area session on bunker shots and chipping, rounding the day off with 4 holes on the main course for those who wanted to play.

We are trying to introduce the game of golf to people with Parkinson's and their families/carers by providing free of charge sessions, monthly at Surbiton Golf Club.

We Welcome:

-Complete beginners


-Experienced players who want to keep playing as long as possible

-Players returning to golf after previously moving away from the sport

Pictures: @DavidBeaven @PaulGreen @surbitonpro

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