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Sport Parkinson’s CIC is leading the charge for Parkinson’s battlers to:

Application process now closed.

Sport Parkinson’s has set up a grant fund called

Healthy and Strong Fund” for individuals, activity providers, community-based projects and others to develop opportunities for people with Parkinson’s to become and keep active. 


"Healthy and Strong Funds" given to the Parkinson's Community include:


  • Grants for Parkinson's specific movement equipment & online classes - Smovey rings that use vibrations to help stimulate both sides of the brain & improve balance

  • Funding for beginner's golf lessons at Surbiton Golf Club, The Vale Resort, Carden Park & The Belfry

  • Funding for purchasing football kits for the first women's only, Parkinson's Walking Football Team - PD Pioneers

  • Grants for venue hire for Parkinson's specific exercise classes run by the NHS and other providers 

  • Team grant given to a Parkinson's football squad to participate in the Ray Kennedy Cup in Copenhagen

  • Funding of online Parkinson's specific exercise classes 

  • Providing the rugby kit for the first mixed Parkinson’s Walking Rugby Team

  • Individual grant given to a Parkinson's Crossfit athlete to travel & compete in the LATAM CUP 2024 in the USA

  • Funding to support the operational costs of the Sandville Centre in Wales.  The Sandville Centre dedicate one day a week to providing people with Parkinson's a variety of exercise classes for various abilities, treatment rooms, hydrotherapy pool, table tennis and a social space to connect with others who are battling the disease


You, or your group or organisation should tell us how an award will help people with Parkinson’s become and keep active, or help people increase their levels of physical activity. This will need to be by running new activities or increasing participation.

The application process is also available to individuals who are unable to afford sportswear to enable them to participate in any form of exercise.



  • General Equipment - sports footwear, sports kit, etc

  • Buying equipment that will facilitate or enhance activities

  • Helping people with travel costs to participate in sports events

  • Expanding activities/classes etc. to help people with Parkinson’s

  • Essential maintenance or replacement of equipment that will lead to greater participation or increased impact

  • Facility hire

  • Coaching fees

  • Helping people to access Parkinson’s specific online support to become more active in a safe environment

  • Applications from individuals to participate in new activities (for example, paying for a club membership). Will have to provide receipt of benefit on affordability basis


  • Coaching costs for existing activities that do not show expansion or enhancement

  • Increasing the payment to an existing provider without an increase in quality or frequency of provision

  • Insurance

  • Non-essential enhancements that have no impact on sustainability (purchasing any items that are not directly involved with project delivery)

  • Individual activity providers or personal trainers (for example, one on one training)

  • Qualifications for activity providers/ instructors

  • Refreshments

  • Competition entry fees

  • Trophies, medals, prizes


Sport Parkinson’s will assess each application and will notify the successful and
non-successful applicants as soon as reasonably possible, but no later than a
4 week period from receipt of a valid application.


If your application is successful, you will receive a letter outlining the terms of your Grant Award and conditions.


Before completing the application form, please read the Guide for Applicants carefully and make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the grants programme.

Please make sure that you answer all the questions on the form and provide any supporting evidence requested.


Contact Information

Please provide details of yourself or team / organisation. If you have your own website, please include the address. We will use this information if we need to contact you about your application and also, to let you know if your application has been successful. Please be aware that our main method of contact is email, so please check your inbox as we may send requests for further information.


Tell us about you or your team/ organisation

Briefly tell us about the activities you have planned and delivered in the past and what they have achieved. Tell us about the type of event or activity, and why and how it supported people with Parkinson’s to be active.


Tell us about your activity

  • In this section, please give us a clear explanation of what you want to use the grant money for.

  • Make sure you read the Guide for Applicants so you are clear about the criteria for awards. Wherever you can, please try to explain why you think your application meets those criteria and how the project will achieve impact.

  • Explain how you know there is a need for your project e.g. focus groups with potential participants or surveys.

  • Explain how you intend to reach and engage with your target community or audience, and how you will promote your project. How will you continue to attract people to your activity to sustain and increase numbers of participants?

  • We would like activities we support to continue beyond the term of the funding. Please explain to us how you plan to be able to continue the activities and ensure their longevity and continuing impact.



  • Please provide details of the amount of funding you are applying for, together with a detailed list of all the products and services you wish to buy. Please be clear about how you have worked out costs and achieved value for money (for example, quotes from a range of providers). If the grant application will not cover the total cost of the project, please tell us what the full overall cost will be and provide details of any other grants received or applications made to cover the rest of the project. Please note that you will not qualify to apply for funding for any items which you have already received a grant for or applied to another organisation for.




Signatures authorising this application from your group.

The completed form must be signed (we will accept digital and typed signatures) involved in your submission to authorise the submission of the application, agree to the Terms and Conditions of the grant, and give approval for information to be shared by Sport Parkinson’s.


Data Protection Act

Sport Parkinson’s will store your data securely according to the terms of our GDPR data protection statement. If your application is unsuccessful, it will be securely stored for 2 years before being destroyed.

By submitting this application, you agree to Sport Parkinson’s collecting and storing information about you and this project.

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