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Stand Up to Parkinson’s with Neuro Heroes

Anna and Laura of The Neuro Heroes have been working with Sport Parkinson’s since their beginning in the pandemic, with Anna taking the stage for two popular sessions at the Try-Athlon – which saw the audience participate in the Olympics and go on Safari.

At their stall, they challenged the 400 strong attendees to a challenge – how many times could you sit to stand in one minute! Now they have changed the challenge up and expanded it – to highlight the Parkinson’s community and to get all of us, our friends, family and colleagues supporting those with PD – and exercising!

“145,000 people live with Parkinson’s in the UK. We know that exercise can help manage symptoms and to slow symptom progression so we want to STAND UP to Parkinson’s by coming together to do a collective 145,000 sit to stands over the course of January 2022. We need all the help we can get from the Parkinson’s community and everyone connected to it! It doesn’t matter if you do 1 or 100 sit to stands each day, everyone around the UK is invited to join in for this cumulative effort and achievement! We’re in it together…”

Sport Parkinson’s very own Claire will be wearing her DJ hat and helping them kick off the Sit2Stand Event with a live DJ set of your requests at 1730 GMT on January 1st!

She will then be live with the Neuro Heroes every Thursday to keep your tunes and motivation going!

Claire spoke to Anna from Neuro Heroes on Radio Parkies

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