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Sport Parkinson’s donates £10,000 to Sandville Self Help Foundation though its “Healthy & Strong Fund”.

Sport Parkinson’s co-founders Charlie and Garen visited the centre in Wales and were very impressed. One day a week the centre is dedicated to people living with Parkinson’s and currently has over 80 people registered, with numbers increasing every week.

Sport Parkinson’s is delighted to be supporting the local Parkinson’s community and Sandra and her team at the Sandville Self Help Foundation.

The centre encapsulates our mission for people with Parkinson’s to keep “Healthy and Strong till a Cure comes along…” and we have been very impressed with their efforts.

We are excited to see our grant go a long way to help them continue providing a community base for people living with Parkinson’s disease.

The centre provides a wellbeing studio & mobility suite facility for a variety of exercise classes of various abilities, yoga, treatment therapies such as Reiki, reflexology, hypnotherapy pool, table tennis, Nordic walking and a large social space and café where everyone can chat and meet new friends who are battling with the disease.

Jeff, who regularly attends the centre, said, “we all know exercise is good for people with Parkinson’s and I attend several fitness classes and play table tennis, the staff are very supportive and caring and I get an enormous amount of benefit from it.”

Garen, co-founder of Sport Parkinson’s, said “I am very fortunate to live quite close to the centre and spend most of the day there playing table tennis and talking with other people with Parkinson’s. It also plays an important role and support network to family members and careers who are often forgotten about.”

The centre also has visits from Parkinson’s nurse specialists and Parkinson’s support groups each week.

“This centre is truly amazing and should be replicated across the country.”

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