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Captain Scott is all Welsh

Leading the line for Team Wales at the Sport Parkinson’s Four Nations golf tournament is Welsh Rugby Union & Rugby League icon, Scott Quinnell.

Hoping to bring home the prestigious trophy, Scott started properly playing golf when he was 21 on a local course in Wigan.

“I used to only play 3 or 4 times a year and that was it but it was difficult because you’d have so many injuries; my shoulder, my knee then my back.

I turned to golf when I dislocated my shoulder but because I couldn’t hit the ball very hard, it went straighter.”

“I should actually probably listen to myself and not hit the ball so hard but it doesn’t work like that,” Scott adds in a point of humorous reflection that all golfers go through once in a while.

“About 8 years ago, I was playing bits and pieces and playing off 17 and then I started to play a little bit more and managed to get to single figures for a while.”

Scott will be joining the teams of PD at the Belfry for the tournament and is looking forward to the level playing field that golf brings across the board.

“Golf is absolutely incredible because I don’t think there is any other sport in the world when you can go out and about on the grass and compete at whatever level. Whether you’re a professional playing off scratch, you’re an amateur playing off single figures or whether you’re playing off 36, the handicap system in golf allows you to play against anybody and I think that’s just a wonderful, wonderful thing to be competitive.”

“Charlie and those guys, I like the competitive edge that they have and it’s going to be absolutely wonderful to spend some time with them on the golf course and learn some things off them and have some nice stories as well.”

As a very successful Rugby League and Rugby Union (of which is a rare feat in itself at a high level) and a leading his team out in the golf, what else would Scott like to try his hand at?

“American Football. I think I’d end up being the sort of tight end sort of player where you can bash a few people about but you can also run with the ball as well, so I think that would suit me down to the ground I think.”

The Belfry has a history of iconic holes and iconic shots but is the Four Nations Sport Parkinson’s tournament going to be the place where Scott experiences his ‘ultimate golf shot’?

“I think I’ve already had it! It was a par 5 and it corresponded with a poor drive on the 18th, then I decided I was going to hit the driver off the deck and I managed to put it on the green in 2 over the water. It was 268 yards and I thought whatever you do now, don’t miss the putt”

“What I regret now is it’s my only ever eagle on the 18th at the Celtic Manor and I wish now that I’d had the courage to say ‘go on, film this, I’m going to put it in.”

Let’s hope Scott can show some magic for the Welsh!

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