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There are many ways you can get involved with and help support Sports Parkinson's - we need you!


To donate to our 'Healthy & Strong" grant fund please click on one of the donation buttons below. 


We will use any donation to issue grants to grass root sporting initiatives - encouraging those with PD to find their way to play through movement, fitness & exercise, and keeping 'healthy & strong 'til a cure comes along'. 


How we use your support

With your donations, we can, for example, purchase equipment for a new table tennis club or provide individuals with transport to get to an activity.  We receive a whole host of requests from the Parkinson's community, and we do our best to fund as many of them as we can.  More success stories to come. 

We also need to raise money to be able to continue to stage the requested community events and to cover the costs of running the company (staffed purely by volunteers and one part-time employee).  

You can also volunteer to help at one of our events.  For more details, please get in touch with Garen at 07877 314 428 or email

In 2022 all of our surplus income went to the charity Cure Parkinson’s and the Sports Parkinson’s 'Healthy and Strong' grant fund.

We look forward to your support in 2023!


Donate to our 'Healthy & Strong' grant fund